Transmacaw Costa Rica
7 ave Barrio Corazon de Jesus, Heredia. Costa Rica 
  848-525-4198 (CELL)

Our guides are proud members of the ICT 
Instituto Costarricense de Turismo

From the day you arrive we will take you where you want to go and we only charge for those days that you are traveling with us.

Can I choose a different location even though it is not in your list?
Yes, will take you to where ever you want to go in Costa Rica.

Why  don't you have any hotel information on your website?
Well that's because we don't know what type of hotel you are looking for. Hotels in Costa Rica vary from three star hotels to five star hotels. We can recommend hotels in the area where you want to stay, and we will send you information about that particular hotel, but in the end  you make the choice.

How can I make a reservation and  what are the refund policies? 
We only take a 10% deposit so we can reserve the van for the time of your vacation. We take this payment through paypal, but if you cancel your trip within 7 days of your date of arrival we will reimburse the full amount. If you want us to make the reservation for the hotel we will inform you of their policies before any arrangements are made.

What is the difference between Transmacaw Costa Rica and other Travel Agencies? 
 Well, we offer you transportation services per day. You decide where you want to go and where you want to stay.  Our transportation fees are a basic rate, no surprises at the end!
Can you help me find a hotel in the area where I want to stay? And if I want to go fishing can you help me find a fishing boat?
Yes, we will help you find the hotel in accordance to your budget and yes, we can help you find a fishing boat! We have a group inQueposthat manageSport Fishing Tours. They offer great prices and many years of experience in Costa Rica.
Would Transmacaw Costa Rica pick us up from the airport? What if I want to stay in the hotel for 3 days and then go to a different location, do I get charged for transportation fees for those 3 days?